More and more people are finding that tarot isn’t just for divination. Tarot can be used for therapy, storytelling, healing, and creativity. Artist Michelle Sakhai sits down with The Tarot Lady and shares how tarot inspires her art – and how it lead to her amazing exhibit The Arcana Series: Interpretations of Tarot.


Michelle Sakhai and Yolanda sit down to talk about Sakhai’s work with Reiki and Transformative Art in hospitals, as well as her upcoming solo exhibition. If you're in the New York area, be sure to check it out! The Arcana Series, a talking event with Michelle, will be held Saturday, September 21st, at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, which will also host a live tarot reader.

The APRIL Kirkwood Show: Soulfully Yours

There are many ways to return to your whole state where soul shines amidst the clouds of life. Michelle's story of how she found her light and helps others gives insight to the transformative powers within each of us to realize our greatness and our ability to be the light in the world we are intended to be.

https://aprilkirkwood.com You can read more about Michelle and find where her art is exhibited all over the world. You are going to love her. I do!