“Michelle absorbs the light and love of the world and drinks in the sights and sounds of the universe. She pours them out into her art. Each painting is a journey in her discoveries. The one that hangs above my kitchen table both delights and captivates my attention in a dozen different ways. When I look upon this work I can feel the heat of a sunrise, the colors of spring, or the intensity of falling in love.“

Transcendental  - SOLD to Vanessa M. Seidler 38 x 60 in Oil and metal leaf on canvas 2015

Transcendental - SOLD to Vanessa M. Seidler
38 x 60 in
Oil and metal leaf on canvas

- Stefanie Goldenberg, New York NY

“I really enjoy the art we have by Michelle Sakhai, the colors are deep and vibrant, and yet still convey light and a sense of air. We have a few pieces around our home and we love all of them. I look forward to more paintings in the future by Michelle“.

- Mike and Colleen Avery, California

“ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation is honored to work with Michelle Sakhai through our Teaching Artist Program which brings professional artists into hospitals to work with children facing chronic and life-limiting illness. Michelle has been creating with the children at The Harlem Hospital Center for ArtWorks since 2017. There she inspires the patients and their families with her warm spirit and amazing talent. We are very proud of the work Michelle has done with the children and also for the organization as a whole. We are humbled by her generosity and feel grateful to have such a talented and caring teaching artist working with ArtWorks Young Artists

- Fran Heyman, Program Director at ArtWorks,The Naomi Cohain Foundation, New York


- かさぎ画廊 笠木英文 Hidefumi Kasagi, Gallery Kasagi, Japan 

“I have the pleasure of owning several of Michelle's beautiful paintings, and wherever her inspiration comes from - spirituality or nature  - she transforms that into otherworldly visuals of light, texture and color.  Metallic glints reflect energy and life in these beautiful abstracts, and they never fail to evoke serenity and joy whenever I view them.”

- Vanessa M. Seidler, Califorina

Michelle is a true healer and spiritual savant. Her paintings reflect this by enveloping the viewer in the sheer beauty of their energy. Each painting is unique and one never tires of looking at them since, at different times of day, you continuously see new shadows and plays of light reflecting off the impasto and metallic surface. Her work is timeless and a fantastic mix of media as well as a true culmination of the mental and creative outpourings of an old soul.”

- Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf, California

I met Michelle while traveling to Iceland. When I returned home and saw the paintings inspired by our trip I knew I had to have one! The painting fills a special place in my home and heart and instills such tranquility as it greets me every morning.

-Britt Reynolds, South Carolina

“Arisohn + Murphy has had the pleasure of getting to know Michelle and her artwork over the past three years. Her paintings have a vibrancy and energy that has been a perfect compliment to our projects. Michelle and her team have also been a pleasure to work with helping us place her artwork in unique spaces, offering a symbiotic expression of interior and artistic design.”

-Jessica Arisohn, ARISOHN + MURPHY, New York NY

“Fairmont San Francisco has been delighted to partner with Michelle Sakhai as our artist-in-residence (2017), and through displaying additional pieces of her work following that collaboration.  Her paintings have added notable warmth and beauty to our already-stunning historic property.  She created several pieces using the hotel and its rich history as points of inspiration and has an incredible ability to blend classic and contemporary elements that speak to the property’s aesthetic while maintaining her own artistic style.  Additionally, her positivity and gracious attitude bring an amazing energy to both her work and the people she engages with through it.”

-Melissa Farrar, Director of Marketing Communications at Fairmont San Francisco

Michelle Sakhai's painting brings me joy every single day. It is one of my most treasured items in my home. Michelle was very patient and accommodating throughout the consultative process. I was redesigning a room in my house and in my vision her art fit perfectly. I am thrilled with the outcome. She ensured she understood the overall design elements of the room and made truly the perfect work of art for the space. I receive endless compliments from guests. Thank you Michelle for going above and beyond to produce a piece of art that is both true to you and fits my space perfectly.”

- Anna Partel Hasse